Sea Turtle Recovery is a hospital for sick and injured marine turtles from the ocean ONLY. We do not have the permits to handle any other wildlife. We do NOT accept fresh water turtles, pets, or Diamond Back Terrapins.

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Sea Turtle Recovery, PO Box 497, West Orange, NJ 07052-0497

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560 Northfield Ave, West Orange, NJ 07052

Sea Turtle Recovery is located within the Essex County Turtle Back Zoo.  Zoo admission is required.

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Sea Turtle or Terrapin

Sea turtles have long paddle like flippers in the front and smaller, round flippers in the rear. Terrapins and other turtles have four feet with individual toes and toe nails. Sea turtles cannot hide inside their shell like terrapins and other turtles.

Report A Sea Turtle In NJ

Sea Turtle Recovery: (609) 667-4076
MMSC: (609) 266-0538

Report A Sea Turtle On The USA Atlantic Coast

NOAA: (866) 755-6622

Pet Turtles

Our permits at Sea Turtle Recovery only allow us to rehabilitate ocean dwelling sea turtles.  Adjusting your internet search may help in finding an organization that can help you. There are a few “reptile rescues” for freshwater turtles in the area that you should be able to find with internet search engines. Other people have been successful in the past by searching for turtles that are up for adoption, then contact the rescue group that is listing them to see if they have any space for your pets. You may also try reaching out to the state fish and wildlife rangers in your state for their advice.

Other Wildlife

Our permits at Sea Turtle Recovery only allow us to rehabilitate ocean dwelling sea turtles.  Please consult the information here FIRST, then search for a wildlife rescue, wildlife rehabilitator, or Animal Control.

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October 7, 2023


Sips For Sea Turtles Brewery Fundraiser 2023

November 4, 2023