STR-17-006: Chester

STR-17-006: Chester This Loggerhead has had a rough time with human interactions and had stranded cold stunned on 11/24/17. Chester shows evidence of a past/old entanglement around the torso. Chester also stranded with two puncture wounds on the lower mandible that extend inside the mouth. This wounds and the infection it caused is believed to

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STR-17-004: Tammie

  STR-17-004: Tammie This adult female Loggerhead sea turtle was rescued by the Coast Guard Cutter Lawrence Lawson. She has five propellar cuts across her carapace and has an infection. Tammie was named after the coast guard ship Tamoroa. STR removed 38lbs of barnacles and mussel off of her damaged carapace. She is now eating

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STR-17-003: Humphrey

  STR-17-003: Humphrey This Loggerhead sea turtle is still a juvenile weighing in at 88lbs. Humphrey stranded because he became cold stunned in Virginia. Humphrey enjoys eating a lot of squid. RELEASED Aug. 8th! This is the first Loggerhead released by STR after rehabilitation and the first sea turtle released after long term care in

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