Junior Volunteers/Programs

It is Sea Turtle Recovery’s strong desire to have several programs for children, and these programs are already designed and prepared!  Currently, funding limitations are preventing this initiative, and we are working hard to find a grant or funder to cover this expense.  We’re not giving up, but until this occurs, please see below for ways that you can help:


1)     Speak to your New Jersey based teacher or troop leader about collecting donations such as exam gloves, postage stamps, Home Depot gift cards, CVS gift cards, dawn dish soap, paper towel, sensitive skin laundry detergent, disinfecting wipes, and new or slightly used beach towels.  We can pick these up on a scheduled visit and give a program to your class!


2)    Recycle, throw away trash properly, and don’t release balloons into the air!  These three things are vital to ensure sea turtles survival, and you can help us every day by doing these tasks.


3)    Come to our World Sea Turtle Day Celebration!  This event is designed just for you.  We have sea turtle games, sea turtle displays, free face painting, and more all inside the Turtle Back Zoo.  This year’s event will be June 15th.


Sea Turtle Recovery